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  • PhpHaml  v.1.0rc1Have you heard about Haml project?? It is template system for Ruby. Writed by Hampton Catlin, Jeff Hardy and Nathan Weizenbaum. I rewrite it for PHP with small chages. Check ...
  • PlayerGraph  v.alpha1.5PlayerGraph is a game information tool. It can collect information like player count, frags, kills, ping, current map, server name and more. This all works from a template system either live or as a cron job! Supports 30+ ...
  • SmileTAG  v.2.3SmileTAG is a shoutbox written in PHP. It has a powerful template system; it's easy-to-modify templates using only simple tags, and no programming skill is needed. Smart auto-refresh automatically refreshes whenever a new message is posted. No ...
  • STM: Student/Teacher Manager  v.1.0Student Center is a web based student and teacher portal with the ability to organize homework assignments, display news, and show other relevant information. This project includes the use of PHP5, MySQL, a template system, and LDAP ...
  • YaPiG - Yet Another PHP Image Gallery  v.092bYet Another PHP Image Gallery is a simple script that uses de GD library and designed for keeping on a web personal photo or image albums. Visitors tracking, user comments, no SQL required, web based admin tool, easy template system, ...
  • Baits  v.1.0BAITS is a template engine for PHP5 and means "Block And Items Template System". Baits is a very easy-to-use template engine.
  • Arbplate  v.1.0An easy and powerful PHP based template system that allows the seperation of code and design. This will include some database abstraction, as well as a user authentication system.
  • PHP DOMTemplate Engine  v.1.0The PHP DOM Template system is a fast DOM PHP5 Template Engine that is aimed at maximizing development between designers and developers. It attempts to put a clean divider between the two teams.
  • ShadyComic  v.1.0ShadyComic is designed to be super easy to use; it provides a way for comic artists to show off what they do best--art. With a user-friendly template system and administration backend, shadyComic is exactly what you're looking for.
  • Fisifo  v.1.0FiSiFo is a "FItopaldi SImple FOtolog", is a simple management system for photologs or flogs, with an ajax administration an a template system based in Smarty. Written in PHP.
  • Nagothos  v.1.0Nagothos is a Clan Management System that utilizes the latest technologies to provide endless features to clans. Nagothos will have a multitude of features that are supported through a modular system. The template system will be emphasized for uniqueness ...
  • Silver Bulletin Board  v.1.0This will be a new bulletin board system which is written in PHP5. This new system will use a template system with master templates. The system use mysql and a language system. The board will late use new technologies like AJAX and more.
  • Edi bulletin-board  v.1.0edi bulletin-board. A php/mysql board, based on the smarty template-system.The ebb is a complete object-oriented board-software, with an easy to extend code using a nature-inherit class-system.
  • Osbb (opensource Bulletin Board)  v.1.0osBB (opensource BulletinBoard) is a free php-based bulletin board system. It uses a template system so you easily customize it.
  • PhpMailGen  v.1.0phpMailGen is a message generator and bounce processor for mailing lists systems to easily create double-opt-in mailing lists. Features include: template system to include database fields, unsubscribe support, bounce processing, and delivery reports.
  • The Configurator  v.1.0The Configurator is a configuration management tool that generates any type of file using a template system, web front end, and a database back end for storage of variable parameters and system information.
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